Cannagar Press Kit
Cannagar Press Kit with plunger and skewer. 3d Printed with renewable bio-plastic called PLA thats made from Corn-Starch Available in 2 sizes and 5 Colors. Compact makes a 2.5" Cannagar King Size makes a 4" Cannagar Learn to Roll a Cannagar! ...
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MONSTERGAR* (Worlds Largest Cannagar kit)
The MONSTERGAR is the largest cannagar press kit available on the market! These molds produce a massive 1x6" Cannagar! Made with PLA Plastic, A renewable bio-plastic. colours may very*
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Cannagar Case
3D printed plastic container that holds (3) 4” Cannagars, and your papers or wraps.  Available in 7 colors Black,  purple, green, blue, yellow, red, and grey.
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