Cannagar Press Kit Portable Cannagar Press Kit
Discover the art of rolling with our Cannagar Press Kit! This kit includes a plunger and skewer, making it the perfect companion for crafting your own cannagars. 3D printed with renewable bio-plastic called PLA, derived from Corn-Starch, it's an eco-friendly...
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MONSTERGAR* (Worlds Largest Cannagar kit)
The MONSTERGAR is the largest cannagar press kit available on the market! These molds produce a massive 1x6" Cannagar! Made with PLA Plastic, A renewable bio-plastic. colours may very*
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Cannagar Case Portable Cannagar Storage
Elevate your cannagar experience with our 3D printed Cannagar Case!  This plastic container is designed to hold (3) 4” cannagars along with your papers or wraps, ensuring your smoking essentials are stylishly organized. Available in 7 Colors: Black Purple Green...
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